Being a full-figured woman doesn’t mean that you cannot rock fashion that matches your body type. And who said curvy ladies could not rock designer clothes? Or rule the runways? Well, dressing appropriately goes beyond expensive tastes and occasion themes. You have to be extra creative if you want to leave tongues wagging in that boardroom. For instance, how do you ooze a charming impression when rocking casual plus size suits for women?

Depending on different clothes, styling, and taste, there are dress tips that are a must-know for any curvy woman outside there. What many people don’t know, there are many ways of turning that extra weight into charming elegance.

Here are some dressing tips that you should always have in mind before leaving your house for any event or occasion:

  • Always wear fitting clothes

You are endowed with perfect body shape, not to forget curvy figure; why hide it? It usually tempts to dress in oversized clothes, but that is where many women get it wrong in the first place. When we say fitting clothes, we simply mean that you get clothes which are neither too big nor too small for you. Fitting clothes bring up more confidence when you walk around because you simply own who you really are!

  • Know your body type

Who said there is something like a “big body”? Well, being plus-size means that you are above the size of fourteen. Most stylists and designers will argue that bodyweight doesn’t define body type, but instead, the shape does. So, the first tip is knowing your body type. Are you apple, hourglass, or pear shape? Style your clothing to match your body type and be rest assured that you’ll never go wrong as a plus-sized lady.

  • Lengthen your leg-height

The secret to keeping it charming and seductive is always stealing that additional height. Well, it is a fact that most plus-size ladies are short, but that can be perfectly cured with a pair of heels. So, go shopping and add a couple of heels to your wardrobe. On the weekend, try out a knee-length bandage dress on heels and see how it goes!

  • Lightweight fabric

You already have a plus-size body and still want to put on voluminous fabric? Well, that is a no if you’re going to remain relevant fashion-wise. Instead, get a light fabric that gives you more room to flaunt your shape instead of covering it. You are already at peace with the fact that you are big-bodied, and there isn’t shame in showing that off.

  • Do customized tailoring

If you have a unique body shape, why don’t you try out customization? You don’t have to keep on shopping for ready-made dresses and skirts when in the real sense it isn’t working for you. If you want to look good and impressive, then all your clothes have to fit you in the right places, not too tight and not too buggy.

  • Know how to rock the right prints

Lastly, why don’t you bring in another fashion style that most plus-size women feat trying? Go for a print that perfectly matches your torso to make you look lean! You are already big, don’t look wide!