Thanks to unhealthy food habits and lifestyle the number of people struggling with overweight or obesity is on the rise. Considering the serious consequences one is likely to face in the near future this issue needs to be addressed in time. Besides health issues, you are also likely to suffer from low self- esteem, low level of confidence, or low self-morale.

Following a strict and healthy diet with some regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle and a good amount of patience and determination would help you get back in shape. But for those of you who wish to lose some weight quickly, there are some diet programmes that would help you do so. The HCG diet plan is one among those that are in high demand considering the fact that you lose several pounds in a short span of time.

Health risks associated with obesity

Obesity or overweight could result in serious health issues and even death if it’s not managed properly. Some of the health issues that you are likely to face are

  • High levels of cholesterol and heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Joint pain and back pain
  • Arthritis

Why should you lose weight?

You definitely need to get rid of the unwanted fat in your body to lead a life free of health risks. Some of the other benefits of losing weight are

Boosted level of confidence and self-esteem

Obesity often causes a person to perform poorly due to lack of confidence and low self-esteem.  Losing weight and being fit brings about a great change in the level of performance.

Better sleep

A healthy diet coupled with regular exercise and an orderly lifestyle would help you get a long and good sleep at night and this, in turn, would prevent unwanted and untimely cravings for food.

Reduced levels of stress

Avoiding junk food and aerated drinks that are high in fat and sugar would help in the reducing stress.

The taste of food can be appreciated fully

Studies have proved that taste buds of obese people have become bland due to overuse. Losing weight and maintaining a balanced diet reverses the situation

What is HCG diet programme?

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone is found in pregnant women and during pregnancy, this hormone helps to break down the fat stored in a woman’s body. While doing some experiments on boys who had low levels of testosterone, Dr. A T W Simeons administered HCG hormones inside their body. The unwanted fat burned up quickly and the boys started losing weight. In the year 1954, based on his findings Dr. Simeons set up the HCG diet programme. The person who undergoes this programme is given regular shots or drops of HCG hormone and a diet of fewer than 500 calories per day are allowed.  In spite of taking an extremely low-calorie diet, one does not get tired or hungry because energy is gained when the hormones burn down the unwanted fat in the body. When this diet is followed strictly the person loses weight quickly.

Administration of HCG hormones

The HCG diet programme would be effective only if the HCG hormones are taken regularly through the entire course of the diet. The HCG hormones can be administered through intramuscular or subcutaneous injections or as sublingual drops which are the most common and effective ways of taking these hormones.  HCG diet sprays and HCG diet patches are also being used under this programme.  In the original diet programme put forth by Dr. Simeons HCG hormones were given through intramuscular injections and this is the most effective method because hormones are absorbed by one’s body.

The actual HCG diet

Dr. Simeons, through careful research, picked up all the items of food that is mentioned under this programme and you need to stick to those items strictly to get the desired results. The items that are left out of this list are totally forbidden. There are also specific measures and amounts of items to be consumed each day and one cannot add to or deduct from the allowed amounts of food. For example, this diet lets you have 200 grams of meat per day which needs to be free from fat and measured raw. When the list says chicken breast you have to stick to chicken and not any other fowl.   Dr. Simeons suggests that a record of all the items consumed each day needs to be maintained to check if any alterations have been made and if yes that needs to be rectified. The diet alone wouldn’t work, so one has to take the hormones regularly. You cannot consume two small fruits instead of a large one as the number of calories is likely to change. Sticking to the food on the list makes sure that the body gets the necessary proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

What types of food can be consumed?

Sugar has to be avoided totally under this diet but a substitute like a natural sweetener can be used. The diet allows only a tablespoon of milk every 24 hours. Several kinds of meat like chicken breast, veal, beef, lobster, shrimp, and fresh white fish are permitted on this diet with the specific amount. These meat needs to be totally free of fat.  One type of vegetable is permitted along with the meat for lunch. HCG diet approves of most of the vegetables except the ones that are high in starch content.  All green vegetables are allowed on this diet and two cups of vegetables need to be consumed each day. Specific amounts of fruits and breadsticks can be taken between meals.  Oil, dressings, and butter are strictly prohibited. Seasonings like salt, vinegar, and pepper are allowed. The diet recommends the consumption of at least 2 liters of water per day.

Sticking to the protocol set by HCG diet plan would give you the desired results. But keep in mind that unless you address the habits that caused you to gain weight initially, you are most likely to go back to that same condition once you are off this diet. Change your food habits and your lifestyle for long-lasting results.