With changing times people have become more inclined towards living in studio apartments than big mansions. A study states that the requirement of an average 3BHK apartment has decreased, and demand for studio apartments has increased by 18%.

Nevertheless, home is home and you would do anything to make it look special.

One struggle that everybody faces while deciding the interior of a small apartment is how to make it look spacious. It momentously affects the person’s choice of home décor by making them ditch half of the items.

“That’s not how you go about it, honey!”

Ditching products and using minimal interior doesn’t work for small apartments.

Boot up to renovate your place again for we have made a list of 9 tricks that will drastically change the outlook for your cozy apartment.

  1. Hang A Single Piece One The Wall

Instead of fussing your apartment with several art pieces, get yourself a big family portrait from PortraitFlip. Visual clusters may look very fancy and enticing but instead, they just make the space appear dirty.

A single-hung wall piece of your family will not only make your home look spacious but will also provoke positive thoughts and emotions.

Art is long-lasting, and maybe for once you would want to shift from one apartment to another, but that piece of handmade art will follow you everywhere.

PortraitFlip with its professional artists delivers the finest quality of handmade portraits that will lighten up your mood every morning. Their 100% Customer Satisfaction and the TrustPilot rating of 4.7 out of 5 have made them stand out exceptionally in the world of handmade art.

If you ever think your house feels dull or out of activity, let them make you feel at home.

“They know what they are doing.”

  1. Use Light Colors

Dark walls and floor make a space look cozier and absorbs natural light instead of reflecting it.

Use hues of white, tan, wheat, and yellow with light sand brown flooring. It reflects light making space look larger and more spacious.

  1. Keep The Furniture Away From The Wall

Leave a few inches gap between the furniture and the wall to make it appear less cramped. Avoid catty-corner placements, keep the nooks clean and open, let your furniture breathe.

Keeping them off the wall makes your apartment look more welcoming and capacious.

  1. Use Multipurpose Furniture

Instead of stuffing things here and there, use multi-storage furniture.

“Clutter smothers, simplicity breathes.”

Clutter is the worst enemy of every design. Keep things petite and simple. Use ottoman and built-in storage tables to store things.

Keeping all the clutter and litter away from naked eyes will make your home cleaner and breezy.

  1. Leave Your Windows Uncovered

Leaving your windows un-curtained gives more depth to the room. It also allows more light to enter.

However, if you are concerned about your privacy, you can go for roman shades or blind windows.

Hanging the curtains higher than the window can also add to the profundity of the room.

Choose translucent, sheer curtains of light color for your window.

  1. Follow Consistent Color Scheme

You may want to stand out and end up blending off-the-road colors but that will not add to your goal of making your home look spacious.

Use subtle, soothing colors, and keep it consistent.

Complement home décor with the hues of the wall, add accent pieces that go well with other things. Be creative with every room, and try to play with the colors of the same family as much as possible.

  1. Low-Slung Pieces Work Wonders

Stick to low-slung pieces. Grandpa’s chair and long table lamps do not go well in a small space.

A gorgeous central light or a low-lying wall piece appeals better for cozy rooms. It makes the ceilings look taller and the room larger because they occupy very little space.

  1. Use Stripes

Just how stripes on a human body make them look taller, it’s the same logic for the interior too. Trying using stripe floorcloth, throw blanket, or curtains to make your room appear longer.

Layout the piece in such a way that it goes vertically with the shape of the room. It gives the longest optimal effect adding depth to space.

  1. Add Mirrors

Add as many mirrors as you can. I am not asking you to stuff the entire place with mirrors.

“You’d rather stay in a mirror-maze then.”

Place the mirrors organically to create an illusion. A long mirror beside the window will make your home appear spacious providing substance to it.

Interior is a mind game that, if learned well, can transform the way your house appears.

People believe that a house is like a body, and the rooms are its organs. Keeping a home healthy is as simple as maintaining a perfect body. Understand the science behind it, and you can change the outlook on your will.

Always remember, the interior is a visual art and the home speaks for itself.