A circle of gold on a delicate wrist, gold bangles have been a favourite among women world over since time immemorial. Available in a range of designs, from traditional to trendy, gold bangles are a truly versatile accessory. Like any other piece of jewellery, bangle designs have evolved over the ages to reflect the changing trends in fashion. With reputed brands like Vaibhav Jewellers now making it possible to buy gold jewellery online you are sure to have multiple options to choose from.

Here is a quick overview of some of the most popular gold bangle designs!

  1. Antique gold bangles: These gold bangle designs are created to reflect the traditional designs, the intricate designs are a marvel by the Karigars. Antique bangles studded with gemstones and pearls are a popular choice among young and old women alike. While they are usually paired with traditional outfits, a delicate antique bangle can add an unusual design element to a modern ensemble too!
  1. Diamond studded gold bangles: Sparkling diamonds add extra charm to gold bangles. Whether you are dressing for a special occasion or a casual outing a diamond-studded gold bangles suit every outfit. These bangles are available in traditional patterns as well as modern designs and you can pick one which best suits your dressing choice. From broad bangles with closely placed diamonds to thin ones with just a few stones that add sparkle, there is a wide range to choose from.
  1. Kadas and bracelets: Broad chunky bangles are called Kadas. A style traditionally favoured by both men and women, Kadas can be differentiated by the hinge they have and a pin or screw closure. The slim version of a Kada can be classified as a bracelet. Gold bracelets for women have simple to rigid lock patterns keeping them secure. One can choose plain gold kadas or the ones which are studded with gemstones like ruby, emerald, topaz or sapphire. Whatever kada or gold bracelet design you choose, it is sure to be a unique style statement.
  1. Daily wear bangles: Simple and elegant these gold bangles come in varying thickness. Due to their simple design, they are easy to maintain and are usually strong enough to resist bending or warping.
  1. Floral diamond bangles: Floral patterns have a timeless appeal and when they are composed of diamonds, they truly are irresistible. Thin floral diamond bangles are ideal for modern working women due to their versatility. Thick and wide floral diamond bangles are an ideal pick for special occasions.
  1. Gold bangles with American Diamond stones or CZs: These bangle designs are more cost-effective than diamond bangles. They come in various styles and patterns that can be matched with traditional and casual outfits equally well.
  1. Wedding bangle collection: Designed with intricate details, these bangles have the legacy of tradition. When shopping for one, it would be a good idea to pick a design which can be paired with your nallapusalu or Mangalsutra. If you are looking for something you do not plan to wear frequently, go for an elaborate wedding bangle design, and if you love wearing jewellery every day, pick one you will be able to use even when the trousseau has been packed away!

Designer gold bangle designs

Gold bangles accentuate the beauty of women and are thus loved by all. Whether it is a traditional design or a modern one, a bangle is among the most commonly used accessories. When picking one for yourself, look beyond the design and pattern and make sure you are buying one made of hallmark gold. A hallmark symbol signifies the purity of the gold and guarantees the quality of the gold Jewellery. Vaibhav Jewellers offer BIS Hallmark gold bangles with customized designs and offer express shipping on their online portal Vaibhav Jewellers. The online facilities make it possible to choose your favourite jewellery patterns in a few clicks. Find the most exquisite and genuine collection of bangle designs with Vaibhav Jewellers.