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A lot of big womens have the tendency to take things to the extreme when choosing clothes. Either they go a few sizes smaller with the notion that they’ll look slimmer with clothes that cling to their body, or they choose baggy pieces to conceal their curves. It’s worth noting as well that just because they’re bigger than others, they tend to think that all plus-sized clothing is the way to go.

If you’re a big girl and your style expression is hindered by all kinds of fashion rules, go ahead and break them. The only rule you have to follow when it comes to stylish dressing is to “dress for your body.” When you dress for your own body, no matter your size or shape, you can be sure that you will look good.

So, what are the common fashion rules that you should break as a woman who is a size “large and in charge”? Six are listed below.

1.     Stay away from “fitted clothes.”

This really depends on the kind of fit and the level of comfort you’re willing to sacrifice. If you like clothes that show off your curves, fitted clothes are worth considering, but perhaps you’ll be more comfortable with slim-fitting pieces.

Slim-fit clothes do not wrap around you like tights. They just skim the curves of body and they have details incorporated to conceal common problem areas of big girls such as a less than taut tummy, or bulges on the side of the torso.

Anything that’s made of jersey material and ruching around the midsection can make you look polished and slender.

2.     Prints are your enemies.

You may have been discouraged from wearing bold prints because fashion magazines say they can make you look bigger. They can have that effect indeed, but only if you’re not selective and strategic with the prints.

Say, you’re into Afro chic clothing that has bright and bold colors. You can totally rock it and express your personal style as long as you balance the prints or patterns with a solid color.

It’s important to break prints up with a block of color so you can highlight the part of your body that you like, yet also achieve a shape that makes you look slimmer. If there’s no solid hue to break up the pattern, don’t you fret because a thick belt is all it takes to pull off a polished look?

3.     Blazers will make you look bulky.

This is so not true. A tailored jacket or blazer can instantly slim you down especially if the hem ends just right at your hips and the waist is a little cinched. If you have a tailored blazer, you could be wearing a shapeless dress underneath and look automatically svelte.

4.     Knits make you look thick.

Matte blend knits won’t, especially if they come in a twin set, because the top piece can create shape and hide some flaws.

5.     Pleats can widen your body.

Electric pleats are cute, but for a long time big women have been discouraged from wearing electric pleated skirts. The key to wearing pleated skirts, be they solid-colored or printed, is to make sure they are cut to a flattering length.

If you’re short, it’s better to go with a full-length skirt. If you’re taller, knee-length or two inches below the knee would look really sophisticated, especially when you pair it with a tailored top and nude high heels.

6.     Flowy tops are a no-no.

Loose, flowy tops are believed to make big women look like an ugly lampshade. This is another lie. If you understand proportions and you know how to elongate your body with the right pants or skirts, or even a hairstyle, a loose and flowy top will look good on you.

Clothing provides a wonderful means for you to express yourself.  You can dress according to your mood. You can also dress according to your style preference. And you can likewise dress according to your values. Don’t let fashion rules limit you because of your size. The only thing you really need to think about is whether you look and feel good in what you’re wearing.