“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” You must have come across this feeling! A well-kept home is indeed the coziest place to go to after a tiring day at work.

A luxurious yet popular addition to a home is “sunroom”. It is the room designed to enjoy the outdoor scenic views from indoors. The glass walls could be designed in various styles and designs to meet your requirements. Frameless glass-walled corner rooms make trendy and elegant sunrooms.

If you are thinking about adding a sun parlor or solarium to your abode, hire a reputable home remodeling contractor in Hermosa Beach CA. Professionals could help you utilize the space in the most efficient way. With the least visual obstructions, sunrooms allow you to connect to the mother-nature.

Plan on the intended use of the space and get your creative juices flowing. Cozy yet stylish furniture is a must-have for the sunroom. One important thing to keep in mind before installing any decorative items is the heat and incoming sunrays. Buy only those items which can withstand the heat and fade for long periods of time.

Following is a list of ten décor pieces that will give some life to your sunroom.

1.    Plant Pots

Thinking about giving life to the sunroom? What is better than the plant life itself! Plants are a refreshing addition to solariums as they clean the indoor air. They help you enjoy a realistic outdoor experience without stepping a foot outside the house. You can buy various sized plant pots and plant your favorite flowers or veggies in the surplus sunlight.

2.    Fairy Lights

The twinkling fairy lights impart a dreamy look to the interiors. “A home is a place to hope and to dream.” Twinkle lights set up the stage for you to relax and unwind. It is a way to enjoy softer lighting evenly spread throughout the room. An amazing benefit of fairy lights is that you can get creative while clicking portraits!

3.    Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs add up a ton of appeal in the sunroom extensions. They give you the nostalgic feeling of your childhood and let you enjoy the comfort. Woody chairs are quite elegant. Various designs and colors are available for you to choose from. The color palette of your room walls helps you decide the material and color of the hanging chair.

4.    Daybed

Daybeds have a supporting back and comfy seats. These cozy couches let you unwind in the manner you like. The lounging experience is enhanced when you could enjoy the raining showers without getting wet! The unique choice makes the room special for you and your loved ones.

5.    Wind Chimes

Who said wind chimes could only be hung outdoors? They are excellent additions to a sunroom. An evening breeze passing through the windows tickles your ear with the wind melodies. Wind chimes could be bought in various designs and colors. You can even make them yourself by a DIY fun project.

6.    Chandeliers

A stunning chandelier can crank up the aesthetic appeal of any living room. It imparts an absolute grace to the sunroom. Shiny crystal chandeliers could infuse a lot of glamour and drama. If you want to keep it simple yet trendy go for the classic glass chandeliers.

7.    Contemporary Style Chaise

Chaise is another awesome furniture to lay onto. You can effortlessly add style and comfort with a contemporary style chaise.

8.    Squishy Bean Bags

When it’s all about ease and comfort, squishy bean bags are a great option. You can add more color to the sunroom with bean bags. Playing with color choices is a great way to give a unique look to home interiors.

9.    Hanging Book Shelves

A famous saying is that “A room without books is like a body without the soul.” You might not be the greatest bibliophile out there but everybody likes books. Install hanging books shelves to decorate the walls with wits.

10.    Candelabra

Purchase candles with relaxing scents such as “eucalyptus” and some fancy candelabra. And you are all set to enjoy the coziest evening with style.