For starters, you want the children out of the house, so how about fixing up the backyard for kids? The key is to keep it simple and clean, and you can use a leaf vacuum mulcher to achieve this. Nevertheless, you will need to secure your yard to minimize the need for supervision. There are several backyard ideas for kids that will help in setting up the perfect play area.

If there isn’t much space to work with, look out for small backyard ideas for kids that focus on space conservation while concentrating on safety. If you’re home most of the time, you can look up DIY backyard ideas for kids, and have the children help out where possible.

How Can You Create a Safe Backyard for Kids?

Here are some tips on how you can create a safe backyard for your kid.

Clear Up

Your backyard design for kids should allow for a lot of playing ground. Thus, section the yard and allocate an area for storing chemicals, garden tools, and equipment. If possible, have a storage room that should always be locked. Move yard furniture to one side of the yard as well to create more space.

Everything should be locked away

Build the Fence

Once you’ve created a backyard playground for kids, it’s time to secure the area with a fence. Most of the time, fences are used to mark boundaries, so settle for a small picket enclosure. However, a chain-link is better if the children are fond of jumping over the fence or participating in ball games.

Bugs Check

An adult should always inspect the space for insects’ nests or poisonous plants. Get rid of all the thorns and dangerous plants, and ensure all holes are filled up.

Don’t Forget About the Barbeque

If the weather is favorable, a lot of families will be grilling. If you are, ensure that it’s away from the designated play space. Ensure that the children do not play around the grills, especially if it’s lit. After a grilling session, lock away the propane, lighter, or the matches in a safe place.

Kids in a sea

Take Extra Caution in the Pool

Statistically speaking, a lot of kids drown in their home pools compared to public places. Ensure that the pool is surrounded with a wall, or the door leading to it is always locked. Do not allow the young ones to go to the pool unless there is adult supervision.

Less Furniture = Safer Place

Naturally, there is yard furniture you have wanted to purchase for a while, but consider the options if the youngsters are playing outside. Avoid bulky furniture or glass decor or tables since they are a serious threat to your child’s safety. Otherwise, ensure that they are supervised whenever they are playing outside, and lock access to the yard in case there is no adult around.

Inspect the Play Sets Often

If you plan to install backyard equipment for kids, make a point of scheduling checkups. Always ensure they are in top-tier conditions and do not procrastinate a repair or replacement. Check the playsets for signs of wear, rust, broken parts, or weak joints. All the equipment should be verified by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Kid on a swing set

Sprucing up the Yard

With all these safety precautions, it seems like there is little fun happening in the backyard. Is there anything you can do to spruce up playtime for the children? Certainly, there are numerous backyard landscaping ideas for kids you can implement to create a play haven for your kids.

Dirt Space

A lot of kids enjoy digging around and playing in the mud. Allow a small section of your yard to go unattended so the kids can have a place to play with dirt without having to dig up the entire yard. Alternatively, provide a sandbox.

Zip Lines

If your backyard has ample space, then you should totally get your kids a customizable zip line. There are various types available online or at the store, including glow-in-the-dark pieces.

Use Detachable Sets

No need to worry if you have smaller yard space. You can invest in playsets that can be removed once playtime is over. This means that the children can play with their favorite sets whenever without compromising play space for good.

Kid in a sandbox

A Climbing Wall Will Do It

Even if there isn’t much space to work with, climbing walls are easy to set up and safe to play with. Also, it’s a better way of improving your child’s coordination and physical strength.

Chalkboards Are Fun Too

Other than drawing one on the sidewalk, put up a chalkboard outside. You can choose to put it as a permanent piece in the fence, or a detachable piece that can be put away once playtime is over.


Generally, your role as an adult is to construct a fun and safe play area, so go ahead and be creative. Always ensure that the children are supervised. When creating play areas, go for ideas that will be used for a longer time, and that it accommodates all the children. Feel free to share your experience and ideas with us.