In the past couple of years, fashion and beauty trends were colorful and flashy. In 2016, makeup and fashion trends are going in a completely different direction, leaning towards emphasizing natural beauty and style. With the spring just around the corner, you can show off your fresh style by following these 10 new beauty trends.

1.Beautiful Bold Lips

Bold lipstick is nothing new, but the shades are changing this year. Forget about shades of cobalt blue and embrace the new trend of a bit softer and classic shades such as crimson, deep burgundy, pink and vastly popular shades of nude. Add a finishing touch to your perfect matte look with a pat of blush right on your lips.

2.Nail Art

Subtle and beautiful nail art has found its way back to our fashion and beauty trends. This year’s most popular are colorful stripes, updated French tips and touches of glitter on your favorite colors. It is time to tone down your nails a bit and forget about last year’s bubble and coffin nails; embrace the natural tones with fun finishing touches.

3.Messy Buns

Perfect hair with brushed up lines is not interesting this year. Instead, messy textured buns are taking over the fashion trends. Rake your fingers through your hair to get the most imperfect lines and pull it back into a messy bun and secure it into a knot and use your pins to put it into the place.

4.Braids and Ponytails


Braids are a timeless trend that has a fresh new look each year. This year’s way of braiding hair is framing you face with your beautiful braids. When embracing this new look, start at the crown of your head, and pull it across your forehead, letting a few pieces of hair to fall out.

As far as ponytails are concerned, they are also always trendy, but this year give them a soft touch of fabric and tie a ribbon around your tail, upgrading it and embracing the new style.

5.Natural Subtle Look

You can embrace the natural look by refreshing your makeup kit with palette of natural tones and shades and enhance your natural beauty. Forget about flashy colors and layers of foundation and toners, make your skin flawless with the help of dermal fillers and some beauty products, and you can even stop using makeup to cover up your true beauty.

6.Bottom Liner

According to the spring runways, it is time to play up the bottom of your lash line. Everybody adores perfectly done top lash line, but this year it is time to bring out the best of your eyes and underline them with colors.

7.Smoky Eyes

Another timeless trend that is here to stick for a while, are sexy smoky eyes. However, since this year is all about subtlety and natural look, you can tone down a bit your smoky eyes and give them a lighter shade. Even like this, your eyes will still be your secret weapon of seduction.

8.Glittery Lids

A little glitter never harmed anybody – and it won’t harm your look either. Amp up your makeup a bit this year and add subtle glitter details on your eyelids and stay fabulous but still classy, and ready to spark things up.

9.Subtle Contouring

Forget about clown countering that can do a little too much emphasizing and go subtle by choosing only one area to accentuate. Latest trends for emphasizing are cheekbones, nose or jaw line, and this subtle contouring will make your whole style more natural.

10.Fabulous Short Hair

Shorter hair, especially bobs are taking over the whole fashion industry and they are here to stay. So change your hairstyle and add some fun bangs into this mix and stay flawless and classy.

With each new year come new trends and styles, so keep up and transform your style into more natural and subtle one. Do not hesitate to experiment with your beauty and be at the center of attention wherever you go.

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