At the highest levels of fashion, it is incredibly competitive. Designing the latest and greatest fashion designs isn’t an easy task and global competition is always a challenge. The experts of fashion in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, and New York City are all competing for the same awards so what gives them an edge?

As is the case with Silicon Valley and Wall Street (tech and finance companies), the fashion industry is increasingly looking to any advantage that they can. Creative types are seeking methods of getting into their creative flow more regularly. Those falling behind on their fashion ideas are seeking methods of getting ahead in a competitive world.

Enter smart drugs (aka: nootropics).

These are chemical compounds that are said to improve cognitive performance in areas like focus, concentration, memory, learning, and creativity. For many people, they are tools to spend hours upon hours in the same tedious work tasks.

In the fashion world, what designers and owners really need is a way to tap into their inner creativity a bit more. Here are a few suggestions:

#1. Piracetam

the first of the smart drugs called “racetams”, the piracetam drug has been around for nearly 50 years. The studies thus far has been pretty positive, which is why millions of people across the globe are flocking to this smart drug for cognitive enhancing purposes.

Even though piracetam was first created as a memory enhancing drug for learning, many users have found it to be great for creativity. A simple dose of piracetam early in the morning might be the difference between a unique, new idea and something that nobody admires.

#2. Phenylpiracetam

if the name looks familiar compared to the first, that’s because phenylpiracetam is very similar with one difference: it helps with focus. One of the reasons many people are using phenylpiracetam instead of others is because it has focus enhancement abilities plus increases creativity (which is rare).

There are downsides to using this, however. First, there is less evidence as it was created far more recently than piracetam. Second, you cannot take phenylpiracetam every day because it’s easy to build up tolerance (just like caffeine).

#3. Microdosing

while we do not recommend doing anything illegal, the studies on microdosing psychedelics is pretty clear: it works. Not only did 1966 studies by Dr. James Fadiman show that this can be safe and effective (44% of his subjects developed some type of patentable solution to their problems), but modern enthusiasts are bringing it back.

Even though the psychedelic craze of LSD and psilocybin was common of the hippies during the 1960s and 70s, it is now a more mainstream and widespread method of improving creativity and cognitive thought.

With these three, it won’t create the next billion dollar fashion line, but it might help boost creative expression and come up with new ideas. Every bit of creativity and edge you can get in a competitive world like fashion is a benefit!

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