Baltimore Fashion Week 2019 in the United States of America has started on August 5 and will continue until August 11to provide marketable and professional settings for designers and artists to represent the entire fashion community. The theme for the event of 2019 is Art always remain alive. In this way, Baltimore Fashion Week 2019 will give an open invitation to each of the creators of fashion and style. 

Attendees of Baltimore Fashion Week 

Baltimore Fashion Week is for each of the young and old aged fashion lovers, who have attended to be part of the event right from the year 2008. However, the specialty of the show lies in the fact that each year the Fashion Umbrella Foundation’s production team engages its celebs or guests with sponsors via door prizes and donations.

Designers at Baltimore Fashion Week

2. Designers at Baltimore Fashion Week

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Major designers to attend the Baltimore Fashion Week for this 2019 are-

  • Caitlin Dyes
  • Denise Robinett
  • Eileen Bleyer
  • Letwa Gooden
  • Iris Webb
  • Reginald Wilson
  • Morgan Taylor
  • Sherrell Whye and many more.

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