Does your job profile require you sitting for a long time, say 8 to 10hours in the day? If yes, you may likely experience muscular stiffness in the near future. Your sitting position causes flexion of your hip joints, while the standing position results in their extension. However, when you sit continuously for many hours, it affects the muscles responsible to cause hip extension and reduces the muscles responsible for rendering the hip flexion. This condition often results muscular stiffness even you are only in your 30s or 40s and cause problems in your hip joints. Positively, you may follow a few quick and easy tips to avoid the aforementioned situation i.e. muscular stiffness even if you have prolonged sitting in your office.

Stretches at Your Office

You should make your habit of doing different stretches to ease your tight hips. Hip flexor or standing groin stretch and standing quad stretch, along with other similar types of hip stretches help you in avoiding muscle stiffness because of prolonged sitting and help you in hip extension and hip flexion. The best thing about the mentioned hip stretches is that you can easily do them within your cubical at any time of the day. You should make your habit to perform stretching for 3 times and each one in the duration of 3minutes to 5minutes at your workplace.

Squat Exercises at Home

2. muscular stiffness

Almost every one of us knows that squats are the best exercises to lose bodyweight, especially to shed the extra fat from thighs, cuffs, and hips. However, most of us do not that squatting is helpful in relaxing our leg and hip muscles. Even if you are entirely new to workout, you will not face difficulty in doing squats. Alternatively, if you facing some difficulty in squatting, you should opt to take the support of any band or box and perform banded/boxed squats.

Yoga Poses

you should try varieties of yoga poses to help you in easing the tight hips. These poses help in stretching the hip muscles and restoring the hip flexion.

Drink Fluids in Excessive Amounts

You should make sure drinking fluids in excessive amounts, as they help in giving you a cushion to the joints. Having water and other fluids at regular intervals, including pomegranate and strawberries and other watery as well as juicy fruits will help you in avoiding muscle stiffness. In addition, you should make your habit to eat salads, like radish, cucumber, and carrots, as they keep you hydrated for a long time. Other than this, you should strictly avoid or replace any artificial energy drinks, sodas and squashes with lemonade, coconut water and buttermilk to identify the difference by keeping yourself regularly hydrated.

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