If you are bored of various skincare products available on the market that do not fit your type of skin, and know exactly what you and your skin need, you can transform yourself into a DIY cosmetics maker very easy. Everything you need, starting from various chemical elements to different bottles and packages, you can find in the online or offline DIY skin care supplies shops that specialize in DIY skincare cosmetics. However, to succeed in this, you should be aware of the good and bad ingredients. Today we will talk about the six ingredients you should never use if you once decide to become a magician.



Lemon can not only be consumed, but also it is a common ingredient of many beauty products. However, lemon juice has a low pH level of 2 that means that it is very acidic, and thus the DIY citric acid skin care can be quite dangerous for you. Of course, not that risky as getting custom coursework help in a single day, but still you should avoid applying it directly. When using it directly, it immediately causes irritation on a cellular level of the epithelium. Furthermore, the oil contains in lemon is also very toxic and can cause you blisters or even serious burns. Thus before adding this ingredient to your DIY recipe, you should have do a thorough research.


Have you ever used toothpaste for cosmetic purpose? Toothpaste is on the list of very dangerous DIY skin care ingredients for you, although some people use it to fight pimples and dark spots. It is not proven that it works, and, what is more, it contains ingredients that irritate skin. I am speaking of peppermint, various fragrances, peroxide and alcohol, all of them can cause you chemical burns, thus you should use toothpaste for its proper purpose only.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a very common liquid used for medical purposes. Hydrogen Peroxide is used as an antibacterial helper to prevent infections in various cuts and burns that is why it is not a good idea to include it in your DIY care. What is more, hydrogen peroxide is an allergen that can cause you burning and even make your natural protective and moisture barriers to worsen.


Today sugar is widely used in the beauty world. However, sugar crystal is too abrasive for your face surface, though it is often used in the different lip and body scrubs where the skin is not that soft.  When applying to the face, it can become a cause of micro tears of your skin. Frankly speaking, most of the face scrubs available on the market are too harsh for the gentle epithelium of your face, thus if you wish to create a DIY one, you should first google which ingredients will work better and will not bring negative consequences.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is the most drying and damaging ingredient you should avoid using when creating cosmetics or when using it as an antibacterial liquid. It is widely used for sterilizing purpose and for cleaning and disinfection of different objects, especially home furniture and various gadgets. When used on skin, this liquid decreases the layer of epithelium proteins and lipids, in other words; it dries your skin out.

Hot Water

Many people like spending hours having a hot shower, though it is very bad for your skin as it washes off the natural moisture barrier of your skin. Why do you think after a shower your skin is red and itchy? This happens because your lipids layer disappears and leaves it without any protection. This is extremely dangerous for people who suffer from some skin issues like psoriasis or eczema.

If you have always dreamt of becoming an alchemist, then you have a good option to try it by creating different DIY skincare products. With the development of modern technologies, you can get all the necessary ingredients just in one click of the mouse. You only have to dive into this, read about the usefulness of definite ingredients, and create magic. Who knows, maybe one day this hobby will transform into a real job.

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