Trends keep on changing every now and then and you need to keep your fashion sense updated to be able to match with it. It is a New Year again and I am sure many of you might have already prepared the New Year resolutions as well. Is looking fashionable also a part of this resolution list? Here is a quick guide to the 10 top runway trends to try in 2018. Check them out-

Cowl Neckline Tops

Cowl neckline tops are a hit to try this New Year. It adds a classy look to your outfit. Wear a pair of boots and skinny leather jeans to get the perfect look for any occasion.

Floral Print

The feminine and pretty look that a floral printed cloth brings is a favorite for almost any girl. Be it a cute little knee-length dress or an elegant top you wish to wear to an evening date; floral print goes really well with almost any cloth.

Deep V-Neck Design

V-neck is an evergreen fashion trend. Deep V-neck designs give women a chance to flaunt their cleavage in a sexy way. This neck design goes well in any top, sweater or dress.


Cold-shoulder cutouts is also a must-try trend for this New Year. It adds a gorgeous look to even a simple outfit. This also complements any body type and age group.

High Neckline

The high neckline is also common if you shop for stylish tops for women. This adds an elegant look to your attire and goes well in the winter.


Keyhole adds a feminine touch to your tunics or dresses. Do try this trend and I am sure you will love it like anything.

A Dip Dye Furry Sweater

Fur adds a cute touch to your winter outfit. Every girl must possess at least one cute dip-dye furry sweater to make their evening outfit stand out in any bonfire or family dinner outings.

Plaid Design

Another hot favorite for girls is the plaid designed tops or sweaters that is trending really well. This design goes well with high heels and skinny jeans.

Long Sleeves

Long sleeves are always a trendy and comfortable thing for the winters. You can continue with this elegant look for tops or dresses in 2018.

Ombre Outfits

Ombre gives your clothes the perfect finishing and adds elegance on to your look. This complements any outfit and enhances the beauty. The little detailing on the sleeves or towards the lower section of the outfit will make you look slim and attractive.

With this long list of runway trends to try in 2018, I am sure you must be tempted to get your shopping list updated and buy all the items from your wish list. Do try these trends while shopping for stylish tops for women and be ready to look glamorous every day.

Check out blogs and online shopping sites to get your own bit of research done. Find out ways to add your own creative touch to any outfit you choose to wear. Every girl is unique and so is her styling. Follow the trends but add your ideas to make the outfit complement with the accessories you wish to wear. Stay stylish and feel beautiful. Happy shopping girls!

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